Festival of Skills, Career and Work Expo 2023 – International Fair “Festival of Skills, Career and Work Expo 2023 / 1st Edition | 13-15 December, 2023

What is the “Festival of Skills, Career and Work Expo 2023”?

The Festival of Skills, Career and Work 2023 is planned to take place over three days, on 13-15 December, 2023, in Expocity Albania. At this fair, jobseekers meet with company representatives and gain access to a range of services, such as databases, advice on employment or human resource management, information on training offers and above all, information on job vacancies. During three days, a great exchange of information between job seekers and potential employers will be enabled, in a single place, significantly reducing the cost of job search and recruitment. The festival will also highlight that investing in the right skills is key to growing the economy. Through upskilling and retraining, the doors of opportunities for education, training and professional development can be opened wide, leading to more secure employment. Having a workforce with professional skills and expertise, which are highly sought after by the labor market, contributes to the country’s sustainable growth, leading to more innovation and improving competition between companies.

Categories of exhibitors and visitors at the festival dedicated to training, work and career:

  • Exhibitors

– Businesses

– Organizations

– Institutions

– Universities

– Professional schools

– Financial institutions

– Employment agencies and portals

  • Visitors

Are you a recent graduate and having trouble finding a job?

Are you a student looking for a company/institution for your internship?

Are you employed, but would like to acquire new skills and grow professionally so that your career can take a better direction in the future?

Are you a new or established business looking for new talent?

Are you an unemployed middle-aged individual, or do you wish to change your job position? Want to learn new skills?

Are you a parent of a student/high school graduate and unsure about the direction your child should take?

Come to EXPO! Seize the moment and explore all the possibilities that suit you!

Why you should not miss this festival dedicated to skills, work and career?

Job Seekers

  • Orient & diversify your search for training, work and career
  • Discover new employment opportunities
  • Get to know the public, private and international sector recruiters closely
  • Think of lifelong learning as the only way to adapt to a job market that is constantly changing
  • Be motivated and informed by professional trainers


  • Discover new talents for your company or institution
  • Get advice on how to recruit for work
  • Reduce recruitment costs
  • Conduct quick interviews to speed up the recruitment process
  • Expand the network of contacts and increase the visibility of your company

Professional Education and Training

Better education equals a better nation.

Young people are the heart of a nation and they can contribute strongly to increase a country’s economy, quality of life and hopes for the future; to train and educate young people today with the spirit and education for work, means to give life to the future of Albania!

Education Zone is dedicated to all ages: young men/women, older men/women who are interested in qualifying training, which will serve them and prepare them for the national and international labor market. Also, during these three days, conferences, forums, trainings, competitions, B2B meetings, quick interviews and many other activities related to skills, employment and career will take place.

This platform of interaction between the public and private sectors will serve to increase capacities and create contact opportunities for visitors and exhibitors with the largest companies in the country and international ones, serving as a bridge of communication and opening excellent opportunities for employment and teaching practice.

Professional trainings will be accompanied by certificates recognized by the Albanian state.

“Illuminate the future! Challenge yourself!”

EMPLOYMENT Choose your future!

Labor markets are complex systems where labor is demanded or supplied. In order for these two sides to interact properly, there is a need for assistance from various mechanisms that provide employment services. This is also the purpose of the Career Festival, as an important tool in this direction.

The Albanian labor market is facing difficulties in finding employees, and on the other hand, job seekers do not find the jobs they want.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore job vacancies and other opportunities presented by national and international companies and participating institutions.

Come and test your skills for a better job and a higher salary!

Don’t leave the future without a vision!

Learn, practice and make your dreams come true!

CAREER Project your future!

Students of middle and secondary schools are encountering difficulties in choosing an appropriate course that is adaptive to the dynamic labor market, both nationally and internationally. Likewise, graduate students encounter difficulties in finding a job that is directly related to their field of study. The world of technology is revolutionizing the careers and professions of the future. The Albanian labor market has a shortage of labor and the main branches of the economy need more professionals. Meanwhile, the number of unemployed among young people aged 15-29, is at the highest level and finding a new job (cooperation between them and employers) is not an easy process.

Find the key to open career doors!

  • Education and career counseling
  • Sectoral professional forums
  • Training for employees
  • Training for job seekers
  • The price of practice

Project your dreams and brighten your future!

Come to the “Festival of Skills, Career and Work Expo 2023”


The National Association for Skills Competition is an innovative platform for the promotion and development of skills. Since 2015, seven editions of the skills competition have brought together hundreds of young competitors and professional judges from the private sector, who come together to develop and promote professional skills. Competitors are talented young people aged 16-25 from all geographical areas of the country, whether students, employed or unemployed people, who apply to participate in national skills competitions every year.

The purpose of the Albanian National Skills Competition is to promote skills and therefore, to improve the recognition and status of education and professional training in Albanian society.

The mission of these competitions is representation in the international arena, taking the participants to European and world organizations of professional competitions such as EuroSkills and WorldSkills. Albanian Skills had the pleasure of sending two teams to EuroSkills for the final edition, in the category of Entrepreneurship/Business Development Contest. In this category, Albania was included as a guest country along with Thailand and the United Arab Emirates.


On December 13-15, 2023, the 8th Edition of the National Skills Competition for Young People in Albania, this time will come with a completely new format organized for the first time in Albania, within the framework of the European Year of Skills, through the Skills, Career and Work Festival 2023. This event will bring together all actors who work and contribute to the training of the workforce in Albania, helping to develop their careers and employment, and also involving children and adults.

Every adult or senior individual, institution, business and company will have many reasons to attend, visit and benefit from the variety of activities, such as professional skills competitions, interviews and quick hires, training human resources, career education, professional forums and qualifications, conferences and networking, etc.

The competition categories will be:

  1. Entrepreneurship and Business Development Contest
  2. Hotel and Restaurant Service Contest
  3. Graphic Design Contest
  4. Photography Contest
  5. Software Development Contest
  6. Web Development Contest
  7. Digital Marketing Contest
  8. Hairdresser & Barber Contest

General conditions for all contests:

1. You must be between the ages of 16 and 25 (on the date of the competition).

2. You must meet the specific requirements of the relevant competition (see below).

3. Multiple applications for different competitions are not possible, because all competitions take place on the same day. In case of multiple applications, we consider valid only the application submitted first.

4. Competitors will be selected by the jury of the respective competition. The selection criteria are your experience in the relevant field of the competition, the motivation expressed in the application form and a balanced gender mix of participants, from different regions of Albania, as well as from different companies and schools.

5. Applications of participants from previous years are welcome. However, in the case of a large number of suitable new applications, priority is given to those who have never participated in Albanian Skills.

6. Application and participation is free of charge.

For updates, you can follow Albanian Skills on the social networks below:

E: [email protected]