Beauty Expo – an event for you!


Beauty is a truth that we all like, without changing or deforming it. When joined with aesthetics, beauty wins a lot, it resembles an unlimited concept, that can create a wonderful mood. The philosophy of beauty is a theory of values, a manifestation of self-esteem, pride. The style that expresses beauty is efficient, its power is emotional, it is art.

Beauty Sector

Every year, the beauty industry introduces innovative products and techniques. Lately, there is a lot of attention on natural beauty and how proper skin care regimen can have sought after results, regardless of age. Hence, the focus is placed on products with natural ingredients.

Become your own Make-up Artist!

No matter how much make-up you apply, or what you wear, or what hair trends suit you – the search for new trends never ends! A little help is always welcome when it comes to beauty. You can have your best friend or an assistant solve all the beauty issues, but if you do not have someone to rely on for advice, do not worry, some of the best beauty professionals will come together at Beauty Expo 2018. Through their expertise, which will be demonstrated during the exhibition activities, you will receive valuable tips on the latest beauty trends and techniques.

Christmas Atmosphere – Choose the right gift!

Two full exhibition days – December 14 and 15, Expocity Albania will welcome all those who appreciate beauty. Many options for hair, nails or skincare products and amazing offers will be present at this beauty fair. An event dedicated to all of you who appreciate BEAUTY!