Expocity Albania is an international exhibition and conference organization. The company organizes and conducts various trade fairs, exhibitions, B2B, and special events in local and international markets. In addition, Expocity’s expertise and infrastructure are used for other congress, seminar and conference events.

Expocity is the only UFI-certified expo venue in Albania. The exhibition centre – with its 5000 m² of indoor exhibition space, 7000 m² of outdoor space – is the largest facility of its kind in Tirana. It is close to the centre of the capital and Tirana International Airport and has an excellent strategic location in the region, close to international transport networks between East and West.

Expocity Albania offers those taking part in trade fairs and conferences the best possible platform for successful communication in the region. We bring together supply and demand and enable dialogue, while giving businesses an opportunity to promote themselves in the region.

We have an energetic team dedicated to bringing new creative ideas to the market, while executing with high professionalism. Our combined international and local expertise, qualified staff, and long term vision – will guarantee the best service and collaboration to meet your business goals.

Creation and Progress:

Driven by the need for specialized sectorial B2B exhibitions and events in a historically fragmented regional market, Expocity Albania was founded in 2015 in Tirana, Albania.

Over the past few years, the company was grown consistently in the B2B space, focusing on the most vital sectors of the economy such as: agrobusiness, energy, tourism, professional education, construction, textiles etc., and also other sectors with a potential to grow further via international trade in the upcoming years such as: cosmetics & beauty, arts, technology, auto etc. During these years we successfully doubled out revenues, heading into 2023, with same ambition and drive to expand regionally but also internationally launching events in the international markets, where we may see fit collaborations with other regional or international organizers and venues.

As we step into 2023, we are looking at ways and collaboration to establish hosted buyers’ programs, especially for the strategic sectors in the international arena where there is such interest from international players (tourism, energy, agrobusiness etc).