Exhibitions – Powerful Economic Growth Engines

Exhibitions are the most powerful Economic Growth Engines that drive economic recovery and EU’s progress on a fast track mode

Exhibitions are key to rebuilding economies

The trade fairs and exhibitions industry will reconnect and rebuild businesses. We are an industry that is proud to be both a contributor to local economies and a stimulus for business growth throughout the world.

Exhibitions are the marketplaces and meeting places for entire industries – regionally, nationally, and internationally. Exhibitions are the much-needed fast track to drive the economic recovery after COVID-19 – especially for SMEs, that represent the backbone of every economy and for which exhibitions and face-to-face events are the leading sales channel.

The European exhibition industry is the global leader in terms of exhibition venue capacity, quality and turnover. It represents nearly half of the global market share of the exhibition industry and it hosts the majority of all leading international B2B and B2C trade fairs. European trade fairs attract businesses from within the EU and all around the world.

Special connection with travel and tourism related sectors

Exhibitions and events have a considerable impact on local economies and particularly contribute to travel and tourism related sectors. Exhibitions and events attract a high share of business travelers, generating intra-EU and international travel streams and have a substantial impact on the whole tourism value chain. WTTC figures state that 19% of tourism spending was done by business travelers in 2019.

Consequently, a common understanding of our sector and coordinated approach across Europe is needed: to align the exit measures and lifting of travel restrictions with the permissions to hold exhibitions and events; to avoid quarantine and fragmentation of regulations and to start considering international travel as soon as possible. Attracting attendees and restoring customer confidence will also contribute substantially to the recovery of all travel and tourism related businesses.

Source: Position Paper, European Exhibition Industry Alliance, www.exhibition-alliance.eu.