ACTIVITY: National Fair of Schools “Art and Crafts 2023”

ACTIVITY: National Fair of Schools “Art and Crafts 2023”

PURPOSE: Finalization of the “Art, Crafts, Sports 2023”
Program VENUE: Tirana Expo City
DATE: 06/02/23, 4:00 PM

• Tour in the fair section showcasing artisanal and artistic works divided according to ZVA in the entire country.
• Traditional dancing.
• Speech by the Minister of Education and Sports, Ms. Evis Kushi.
• Speech by the Minister of State for Youth and Children, Ms. Bora Muzhaqi.
• Speech by the Prime Minister, Mr. Edi Rama.
• Artistic program.

• 500+ (TBC).

a) Students from high schools of the country.
b) Teachers/Parents.

• Minister of Culture, Ms. Elva Margariti.
• Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ms. Frida Krifca.
• Minister of Tourism and Environment, Ms. Mirela Kumbaro.
• Minister of Finance and Economy, Ms. Delina Ibrahimaj.

Information about the “Art and Crafts” Program

The National Program “Art, Crafts, Sports,” also known as the Extracurricular Programs (JOM), was implemented during this school year in the pre-university education system in 200 selected Community Center Schools approved by ZVAP and MAS, engaging 644 educational staff and 10,423 students in 613 groups, supporting these schools with material resources to aid creative activities.

This program aims to encourage the learning of art and artisanal works through practical activities, promote entrepreneurial skills of students in the perspective of preserving and promoting the values of the community they live in, as well as our cultural heritage in the following fields:

  • Painting
  • Musical Instruments
  • Agriculture and Environment
  • Crafts
  • Choir
  • Theater
  • Sports and Well-being
  • Self-defense Empowerment
  • Technology

• Throughout the development of this program, various artistic fairs and events have been organized in each school, ZVAs, and DRAPs, and this event will conclude the participation of all involved.

• This program encourages the development of children and youth in primary and higher education, creativity, innovation, and engagement in initiatives, activities, and projects carried out in schools in collaboration and partnership with parents, the community, and local businesses.

• This program has further developed:

  • The concept of education for arts and crafts and their importance for the full development of each student’s potential.
  • Artistic and artisanal activities in schools, such as activities/clubs for various branches of art (painting, singing, theater, dance, etc.); activities/clubs for different crafts (sewing, ceramics, culinary arts, etc.); activities within the school environment or in collaboration with farmers, focusing on the recognition and care of traditional agricultural products; competitions within the school/between schools, workshops, fairs, visits to art institutions/cultural heritage sites/craft centers, conversations with artists/artisans, etc.
  • School collaboration with families and the community, and the establishment of partnerships with individuals, institutions, enterprises, at the local and broader levels.
Event Details
  • Start Date
    2 June, 2023
  • End Date
    2 June, 2023
Event Details
  • Start Date
    2 June, 2023
  • End Date
    2 June, 2023