Agriculture – Livestock – Horticulture

Recognized internationally as the most important event in Albania for the sector, the 4th Edition of the International Agriculture, Livestock and Horticulture Fair AGROTECH EXPO, organized by Expocity Albania, will take place on October 18-20, 2023.

This fair is offered to the sectors and the market as the most important platform for business collaborations as well as promotion and presentation to all chain links, from the final consumer, the farmer, the supplier and the producer. This is achieved by bringing together the most important national, regional and international actors in the sectors of agricultural machinery, chemicals, fertilizers, agro-processing, conservation, storage, labelling, packaging of agricultural products, transport, organic food and agro-tourism. Thanks to the international attention, AGROTECH Expo 2023, through targeted events, informative and educational forums and workshops, will offer local and regional entrepreneurs, knowledge and expertise on penetration and growth in new markets, exchange of specific knowledge on the sector, networking, as well as information on business growth opportunities. In the 3rd Edition, AGROTECH Expo has marked a 60% increase in the number of exhibitors in total, with the participation of businesses from Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Germany and beyond.

Since September 2019, AGROTECH Expo is already a member event of EURASCO (European Federation of Agricultural Fairs and Show Organizers)

The main state institutions, projects in agriculture and leading companies of the sector, will serve as success stories for Albania’s potential in the agricultural sector. During the II edition of AGROTECH Expo, we welcomed in Albania the international conference “Global G.A.P Stop Tour”, which had a very important impact on the agricultural sector, in terms of information about Global G.A.P. certifications, while at AGROTECH EXPO 2022, they returned for an international conference organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Technical Group, turning the annual participation in AGROECH EXPO into a tradition.

Exhibitor categories:
Agricultural machinery, spare parts, components
Pumping systems & irrigating systems
Greenhouses & equipment
Hydroponic systems
Gardening, sowing & harvesting machineries and equipment
Gardening machineries & equipment
Olive processing machineries and equipment
Agro-processing technology
Manufacturing & processing machineries
Chemicals & fertilizers
Propagation materials, plant nurseries, medicinal plants
Agro-food, organic food
Preservation, storage
Labelling and packaging of agricultural products
Governmental institutions
Financial institutions
Agricultural organizations & associations

Visitor Categories:
Potential buyers
Exporting companies of agricultural machineries and equipment
Regional distributors of importing companies
Agricultural-related trade associations
Foreign investors

Event Details
Event Details

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